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Successful Marathon Running: Race Day

By Pogo Physio By the time you read this blog post, you may have done all the hard training. I hope everything has been going as planned leading up to the big day. At the very last stage of the marathon training, you would not expect much physical gains, so therefore it is time for you…

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How not to ruin taper week

By Sally Garrard | Advanced Sports Dietitian | 6 minute read | iPerformance Nutrition It’s the mark of a great coach that recognises recovery is what will bring out your best performance. These same coaches will go to great lengths to make sure that your training load has peaks and troughs, and that you progressively overload…

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Heard of a fat burning profile? This is key to running faster for longer and Physiologic is ...

Your metabolism is your body’s engine. When you breathe, oxygen is carried to your working muscles where carbohydrate and fat are used as fuel to create energy to keep your muscles working. In the first 2 minutes of running your body will use carbohydrates as fuel as it provides quick energy without relying on oxygen (anaerobic)….

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So you’re training for GCAM17, but you’re ‘not a runner’

Plenty of people who run, marathoners even, will tell you they’re “not really runners”. There’s no shortage of posts from running bloggers claiming they don’t deserve the title, despite running multiple times a week. This is perfectly exemplified by a close friend of mine, whose thoughts reflect the mentality of many who don’t consider themselves…

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Like to improve your running efficiency and performance? Your job could be to blame…Ge...

Physiologic on the Gold Coast offers this great service Occupational/Sports screening involves our physiotherapists performing a variety of assessment and measuring techniques which have been shown to indicate predictors of injury or poor performance in sport, occupation and day to day life. This service is suggested for elite and social athletes and even corporate professionals in…

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Runners Unlock your True Potential

Discover the tips, secrets & information that every runner needs to know from avid runner, renowned physiotherapist, and AMAZON Running & Jogging Bestselling Author Brad Beer. Over the last 8 years 300+ runners have benefited from Brad’s teachings on how to run faster and with less injury risk through the RUN101™ Technique Workshops. RUN101 Workshop…

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10 training tips from 4-time GC Airport Marathon champ, Pat Carroll

1. Set realistic goals Lock in realistic goals that are current to your fitness level and time-frame to prepare.   2. Get buy in from your partner, friends and family Make sure your loved ones are aware of your goals and training regimen. This will help with the support factor and accountability   3. Put…

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5 Common Marathon Training Mistakes to Avoid

As a physiotherapist, I have observed that training errors play a major part in overuse running marathon injuries. I regularly treat injured runners who, when their pre-injury training history is chronicled, have had a recent sudden increase in training volume, frequency and/or intensity. Alternatively, their training hasn’t changed but they have neglected to schedule rest…

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The Importance of Icing After an Injury

Be it through starting a running program or mid season training, many people will sustain injuries which require careful management and treatment if they are to get back to full fitness as soon as possible. Whether you are familiar with the complete R.I.C.E.R protocol or not, the application of ice to an acute soft tissue injury…

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