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SOS Hydration’s exciting new partnership

We are thrilled to report SOS Hydration Inc. (SOS) has a new partnership with the Australian Rugby (Qantas Wallabies and Qantas Australian Sevens) teams till 2020. For more information on this article and how you can order products, read here. We featured SOS Hydration in our Qrun prize packs and their products are used by many […]

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Get your body into shape with a special offer from Apple to Zucchini

Apple to Zucchini are a passionate team of sports dietitians, dedicating themselves to get your body in the shape you want it to be! Performance, body composition and health-related goals are all catered for. Based in Brisbane, they are offering a discount of $15 to all Qrun subscribers on an initial consultation – just mention this […]

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Hitting your nutrition or new year weight loss goals? This post run drink gets the thumbs up all round.

Quick and simple to prepare plus tastes SO good and fits with any weight loss or training dietary program! Article from Athletics Weekly in the UK. “One cup of almond milk will provide half of your daily-recommended intake of Vitamin E, while the banana adds a wealth of potassium and the oats help to re-stock […]

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Interesting findings on how nutrition can HELP with injury recovery

Did you know that it takes three times more energy to cover the same distance on crutches as it does compared to walking normally? If you have ever experienced a sporting injury, it’s likely you will have an inkling of what happens and the frustration involved. How do you cope with this nutritionally? Read on… […]

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Fibre: Great for your health and weight loss goals

You have mostly likely heard the word fibre many times already. But have you actually changed the foods you are eating? and are you meeting the recommended intake for Australians (~30g/day) ? This is a friendly reminder of the simple yet effective strategy of increasing fibre intake. I believe that fibre is an underutilised weapon […]

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Sodium: Sweat loss, replacement & why

Whilst we addressed the need to replace fluid whilst running in adequate amounts last issue, the other important element of sweat that needs to be considered is the loss of electrolytes. Whilst we will explore all electrolytes in greater detail next issue, of all of the electrolytes lost in sweat, sodium is lost in the […]

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Tart cherries: Your new functional food training friend

Recent and ongoing research suggests that particular compounds found in tart cherries provide unique health benefits, which are showing promise as a favourable performance and recovery aid for active individuals. Two components within the stone fruit are of particular interest; melatonin, and the natural anthocyanins (a type of flavonoid, aka antioxidant). It is the anthocyanins […]

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Sweat, hydration and running performance

By Andy Garlick, director of Sports Science at SOS Rehydrate. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends maintaining hydration to no more than 2% body weight loss during training or competition. This recommendation, arrived at by a panel of experts relates to physiological wellbeing and performance. The basics During exercise we produce heat and our core […]

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Cafe review: Sunday brekkie at Commune in Burleigh Heads

Sunday mornings, for most distance runners, include the staple long run. This is generally followed by hours of feeling like you could eat absolutely anything in sight. To try and deter myself from the latter, I always indulge in a tasty breakfast and coffee after my run to get me through the day. My go-to […]

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Coffee at Home – Part one

Australians have a love affair with good coffee. Reports show that we are second only to the Italians in our enthusiasm for quality coffee. In short, Aussies are podium coffee snobs and we all know that as runners we lead pack in the pursuit of quality coffee.

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Race hydration

One of the challenges a distance runner faces is not to run out of fuel during a race. Most of us can run for 1.5 hours without the need for water or nutrients; you just run. However, when it comes to a race, you sweat more, you burn more and it is like turning a […]

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Good coffee… A must have for every runner!

Call us coffee snobs but distance runners are notorious for seeking out (and talking about) the best coffee where ever they travel to or in their own backyard. We will review a different coffee shop each week for you to try for your daily (or more) caffeine hit. Alternatively if you regularly visit or find […]

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Guilt free chocolate brownies

These are SO yummy as a post training snack or treat during a busy day. If you make them yourself, you can be sure they are relatively guilt free….so get cooking (and eating)! ¾ cup plain flour ¾ cup self-raising flour 2/3 cup Nestlé Baking Cocoa 1½ cups caster (superfine) sugar 1/3 cup (40 g) […]

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Racing: What to eat and when to eat it

Whether you’re running a 5km, half marathon or ultra marathon, you need to plan what to eat before, during and after your race. This will enable you to achieve your best race result and allow your body to recover faster so you’re ready for the next race or hard training session. As an athlete I […]

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