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We used a high-protein yoghurt to give this salad a little boost over the traditional roast pumpkin side dish… INGREDIENTS: Sumac tomatoes… 750g Roma tomatoes, quartered lengthways 8 cloves garlic 2tsp Sumac 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) Roasted pumpkin… 1 whole Jap pumpkin, cut into large chunks, keep skin on Pumpkin spice rub:…

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Power Nutrient Vegan Banana Loaf

Low wheat, dairy free & vegan, this loaf is ideal as a fantastic power start to the morning or a highly nutritious snack – enjoy warm or cold! Thanks iPerformanceNutrition for the recipe. Ingredients (makes 1 loaf) WET 3 large ripe bananas ½ cup 100% pure maple syrup 2 tbsp macadamia oil 1 teaspoon vanilla bean extract…

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Top-5 Tips for Simplifying the Food Label

If you know a thing or two about nutrition, you will already know that when comparing 2 products, you use the ‘per 100g’ column so you can draw the comparison. You have probably also spent hours scrutinising the numbers on the nutrition panel. But what other than the numbers can you look at? Here are…

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Goldie Locks winter warmer: Yummy and good for you!

Chewy, nutty, sweet and aromatic…join us for 5 minutes to take boring porridge to the next level! A quick, warming nutritious start to the day with just the right spice. Ingredients 1 ripe pear ½ cup rolled oats ¾ – 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (1 cup if you prefer a little less stodge!) ½…

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Green Power Balls

Your friends will be green with envy when you tuck into these power goodies! Plant-based and lunchbox-friendly too, these contain some unique ingredients for a mad micro-mineral hit! Ingredients (makes 18 balls) ¼ cup sunflower seeds ¼ cup pumpkin seeds (pepitas) 6 fresh medjool dates (pitted) ½ cup desiccated coconut 1 tbsp chia seeds 1…

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These are our top 5 nutrition tips to get you on your way

1. PRACTICE 2-HANDED PUSH-UPS…away from the dinner table. Stop eating when you are 80% full, rather than when you can feel food in your stomach. The stretch receptors in your gut take 20 minutes to tell your brain that food is in there. Two-handed push-ups give them time to work their magic! 2. EAT WHEN…

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What a Cheeseburger Taught me About Running Nutrition…

Perhaps hard to believe, but I learnt one of the most valuable lessons in my running career from the good old Maccas cheeseburger. It was about the 58km point in an 80km race, that no man’s land where you are over halfway but not far enough through the race to smell the finish line. I…

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How healthy is your gut?

By Ali Disher | Advanced Sports Dietitian, Apple to Zucchini | 5 minute read We’ve all had ‘butterflies’, or a ‘gut feeling’. Some have even had pre-race nerves that render us unable to keep food down. It’s likely we experience these gut-emotion sensations on a daily basis. Of recent times it has been attracting much attention…

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Vegetarian Fuelling and Muscle Maintenance

There are certainly many benefits to including more plants, nuts, seeds and legumes in your diet. This idea is well promoted; it’s good for environmental sustainability and good for your health. Even if you aren’t vegetarian and have no plans to go that way, increasing these foods is typically beneficial for wellbeing. For example, a…

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