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Running trails & want a great shoe? Saucony has you covered with the new Peregrine 7!

Shoe review by Michelle Martinez; accomplished runner, coach/ director at Trail Blazers run coaching in Brisbane.

When I was given the opportunity to take the Peregrine7s for a ‘test drive’, I couldn’t refuse the offer. Particularly, as I was a fan of Saucony road running shoes (hurricanes) over the many, many years when I consistently pounded the pavement. Given 90% of my running is now on trails, I was excited to take these runners out, give them a try on my local trails and kick up some dirt!

At first sight, I was very impressed when I saw the colour (that’s the most important thing, right??) – Teal/purple, a colour combo that is likely to excite many female runners! I was certainly the envy of my running group!

One of the most important features of a trail shoe for me is the sole. It’s always the first thing I look at when picking up a shoe in a running shop. Because of the varied terrain and trail conditions I run, the sole must be sturdy and provide solid grip to tackle the steepest of hills and the muddiest tracks. Saucony have got it right. The sole is brilliant. I have tested the 7s on dry, dusty, steep inclines and descents, through mud, and swiftly navigating sharp corners of single trails. Not once did I doubt the shoes ability to keep me sturdy and on my feet. The lugs are strong, while still allowing movement to adapt to the trail. With other brand trail runners I’ve experienced lugs not so strong, and that was the part of the shoe that gave way first.

Peregrine 7s offer a 4mm heel to toe drop, offering a more natural stride, allowing more control and a great ‘feel’ on the trails. As I am a fairly light weighted runner, I require a shoe that is both light but still providing the cushioning and support required to protect me from the harsh elements of trails. The Everun technology built into the top sole of the Peregrine 7s provides you with a feel of cushioning and that ‘slipper’ type comfort, absorbing a lot of trail impact and preventing those nasty rocks from rubbing the bottom of your feet. My feet still felt strong and fresh following on from 3 hours on rough trails.

I am a big fan of shoes that provide a wide toe box, plenty of room for toe movement, especially when the feet begin to expand in the heat (particularly in Brisbane) and after hours of hard work. Several other shoe brands, I’ve found, possess a snug fitting toe box, but this just doesn’t cut it for a frequent trail runner. Who wants blisters anyway!!!! Meanwhile, the heal fit is quite snug and to date I’ve not experienced any rubbing or heal movement.

A running shoe really is the most important piece of ‘equipment’ a runner requires, so I will not compromise anything in this area. Does this shoe enhance my experience on the trails? Yes, it does!
So, as far as longevity is concerned, I am yet to find out. But an overall opinion of the make and technology of the shoe gives me the impression that the Saucony Peregrine 7s and I are stuck with each other for quite a while!

You can order this shoe online or a good selection sold at intraining stores in Brisbane. Alternatively, for further information on saucony shoes and products, contact Chris Adams (cadams@rcgbrands.com.au).