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Running group review: My run with PCRG….never knew running could be so fun!

Up bright and early for a 5:30am start at Ships Inn, Southbank for a running session with Pat Carroll and his group. Was a great turnout (as it is each morning they meet (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)) with many people there I knew or knew my siblings or friends. We took a light jog for a few kms under Pat’s instruction towards West End by the river where our session would start. After a brief Valentines Day introduction of my presence at the session by Pat (funny of course), we started with a few strides then got into the session. Pat explained it first, we did two sets of a (5min rep, then 3min rep); turning around at half way in each rep then jogging the recoveries (quite short). I ran with my old friend Krishina who I have known since 1999 – although we both need to work on fitness, was great to chat when we could. Pat enthusiastically yelled out how long in each rep we had to go, encouraging the group (ability levels, ages etc all varied which was awesome) whilst carrying his boom box music. Once we finished the main session we did some hill reps up a near by bridge then stood on the top for a pic. Loved how everyone encourages each other and Pat knows everyone personally and if they are new to the group, he introduces them at the start and makes an effort to get to know them as a person, not just a runner even in such a short time.

We finished our warm down back at Ships Inn in Southbank. Some people had to rush off to work but for many others, they hung around for an old fashioned game of heads and tails. A rep from Mizuno had come with a whole heap of shoes for people to try (at the start of the run) and anyone who tried the shoes could participate in the game to win a Tom Tom watch. Was a great fun game to finish and some fruit and drinks were there to re fuel too. All in all, highly recommend this group to anyone wanting some great, motivated people to train with. Lead by legendary Qld runner and highly experienced coach, Pat Carroll, you can’t go wrong. Check out his website¬†here. If you don’t live locally in Brisbane, he has online training plans available too – everything is very affordable and Pat will personally help you meet your running and racing goals!

Thanks Pat and your group for having me join you all… cheers to a great 2017.

Article by Benita Willis of Qrun