Running Hub

Have you ever wanted to Be A Runner?

If your answer is yes – we have just the group for you: Be A Runner! One of our newest Qrun groups on the Gold Coast.

This fantastic group boasting head coach Blayne Arnold, is growing every day and caters to runners of all ages and abilities. Blayne is a highly respected running coach and physiotherapist across Australia and we are thrilled he has taken this path. So many people will benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience as well as join a fantastic team of motivated runners to train with.

Be A Runner have a variety of locations for training all designed to take in the best scenery the GC has to offer while you work hard. This makes training more enjoyable as well as the company and friendships made along the way of course!

Welcome Blayne and the team at Be A Runner! We are excited to follow your groups’ journey in 2018 and see everyone progress in their own athletic dreams and goals.