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Children running too hard?

Article by: Steve Manning (podiatrist, coach and runner) How much should my child train? It is very easy as parents to live vicariously through our children’s performances. It is tempting to think that it is a reflection on our parenting. The reality is that kids will often do the best in the long term if…

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Runner heel pain

Injuries aren’t always caused by running, even if that’s when you feel the most pain. Your everyday lifestyle and footwear (or lack thereof) contributes significantly to injury risk. Unfortunately, many people (both runners and non-runners) develop heel pain during their down time, particularly during the hot summer months when wearing thongs and being barefoot becomes…

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Volume and why it matters to the recreational runner

We get people asking us all the time about how much running should a recreational runner do? Troy Lum, coach and director of Coach2Run answers this nicely in his article below. Since becoming a recreational running coach I have come to a realization, coaching recreational runners can be hard, probably harder than most realize. You could…

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Fashion vs Preventing Forefoot Pain

Pain at the front of your foot or forefoot is a very common presentation to Podiatry clinics on the Gold Coast especially with women mainly because of women’s casual and dress shoes. Morton’s Neuromas, Metatarsalgia, Bunions, Claw toes, Corns and Sesamoiditis to name just a few of the conditions that commonly come through a Podiatrists…

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What’s the difference between fitness Pilates and clinical Pilates?

By expert Emily Georgopolous (APAM), Physiotherapist at Pogo Physio on the Gold Coast. Many people have heard of Pilates, but with so many different Pilates options it can be hard to know which one to choose. This blog will talk through some different types of classes which are available in the community, to help you know which one…

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Get fit and have a holiday at the same time: Running camps are gaining popularity everywhere

Michelle Martinez of Trailblazers Run Coaching took her group to Noosa: Here’s her recap of a wonderful few days! 15 super keen and excited runners arrived in Noosa on the Friday afternoon keen to get in some good training and have a whole lot of fun! Our first training run was an 11km trail run through…

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3 Most Common Mistakes Made By Masters Athletes

By Alan Culpepper (Top US marathon runner, Olympian, coach and author) via competitor.com As we age, we become set in our ways when we train and race—and tend to focus on those facets that come easiest. When we do so, we unknowingly slide into patterns of neglect, which lead to less than optimal performances. Training…

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How to Eliminate Walk Breaks on Your Run

For new runners, walk breaks are a common training tool used to help manage longer distances when first building fitness. They serve a helpful purpose. Just like during an interval workout, the walk break is a recovery period that accomplishes a few important goals: Walk breaks reduce heart rate, preventing new runners from working too…

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Should You Train with a Cold?

If you haven’t yet succumbed to a runny nose or a bout of the sniffles, then I’m afraid to report that statistics are against you. According to the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University, the average adult suffers 2-4 colds a year, with many studies suggesting that immune systems of athletes are more vulnerable to…

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