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Rochedale South local Stephen Parker will become the youngest member of the honorary Half Marathon 30 Year Club at only 44 when he competes in the 39th Gold Coast Airport Marathon on Sunday 2 July. Participating in the ASICS Half Marathon since the early age of 14, Stephen credits his sister for inspiring his passion. […]

As a physiotherapist, I have observed that training errors play a major part in overuse running marathon injuries. I regularly treat injured runners who, when their pre-injury training history is chronicled, have had a recent sudden increase in training volume, frequency and/or intensity. Alternatively, their training hasn’t changed but they have neglected to schedule rest […]

Shoe review by Michelle Martinez; accomplished runner, coach/ director at Trail Blazers run coaching in Brisbane. When I was given the opportunity to take the Peregrine7s for a ‘test drive’, I couldn’t refuse the offer. Particularly, as I was a fan of Saucony road running shoes (hurricanes) over the many, many years when I consistently […]

1. Set realistic goals Lock in realistic goals that are current to your fitness level and time-frame to prepare.   2. Get buy in from your partner, friends and family Make sure your loved ones are aware of your goals and training regimen. This will help with the support factor and accountability   3. Put […]

If you haven’t yet succumbed to a runny nose or a bout of the sniffles, then I’m afraid to report that statistics are against you. According to the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University, the average adult suffers 2-4 colds a year, with many studies suggesting that immune systems of athletes are more vulnerable to […]

David Coombs – accomplished runner and physiotherapist at Physiologic on the Gold Coast is holding a trail running workshop on April 29th. Don’t miss it!  Article obtained from/ further information via davecoombs.com.au Running on the trails is a great way to improve your fitness, experience a bit of nature and get away from the hustle and […]

More high-profile names than ever proving that a vegetarian diet, if anything, can enhance performance progress rather than reverse it. One of the earliest to speak publicly about the benefits of cutting out animal products was Carl Lewis, who switched to a vegan diet in preparation for the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo. He has […]

For new runners, walk breaks are a common training tool used to help manage longer distances when first building fitness. They serve a helpful purpose. Just like during an interval workout, the walk break is a recovery period that accomplishes a few important goals: Walk breaks reduce heart rate, preventing new runners from working too […]

Say NO to BLISTERS and CHAFING Don’t let chafing and blisters make your run uncomfortable. SKIN SLICK is the NEW no mess, aerosol, spray lube that is 100% water proof and sweat proof – meaning one spray lasts all day. Clear, odorless spray that still allows your skin to breathe, yet provides hours and hours […]

By Cancer Council Queensland. Shailer Park local Sharon Whittam has pledged to fight back against cancer in 2017 by lacing up to take part in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon with Team CCQ. Ms Whittam’s motivation is simple – to give hope to all Queenslanders affected by cancer so that no one has to experience […]