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Up bright and early for a 5:30am start at Ships Inn, Southbank for a running session with Pat Carroll and his group. Was a great turnout (as it is each morning they meet (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)) with many people there I knew or knew my siblings or friends. We took a light jog for […]

Enter Brisbane’s newest half marathon (Sunday April 9th 2017) or any other event (see below) to receive your 20% discount with the code BGSR17QRUN20X on Brisbane’s Great South Run website. The Bendigo Community Bank Half Marathon, LJ Hooker Algester 10km Run, Tailwind Nutrition 5km Run and McDonald’s BP Logan Motorway 2.6km Kids Dash start at Col Bennet Park […]

If you haven’t yet succumbed to a runny nose or a bout of the sniffles, then I’m afraid to report that statistics are against you. According to the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University, the average adult suffers 2-4 colds a year, with many studies suggesting that immune systems of athletes are more vulnerable to […]

By Cancer Council Queensland Shailer Park local Sharon Whittam has pledged to fight back against cancer in 2017 by lacing up to take part in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon with Team CCQ. Ms Whittam’s motivation is simple – to give hope to all Queenslanders affected by cancer so that no one has to experience […]

By David Coombs, senior physiotherapist and level 3 IAAF distance running coach at Physiologic Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine clinic on the Gold Coast. One of the most common technique errors I encounter when assessing running technique is the lazy heel lift. Essentially what happens is that the swinging leg (as it leaves the ground at the […]

Many years ago the legendary Peter Holles from the Brookfield Runners initiated this off-road race along the tough course around the Gold Creek Reservoir. The course is 18km long and leads you over 18 serious hills. Starting life as a small scale friendly race, with a sausage and a beer at the end to refuel […]

Apple to Zucchini are a passionate team of sports dietitians, dedicating themselves to get your body in the shape you want it to be! Performance, body composition and health-related goals are all catered for. Based in Brisbane, they are offering a discount of $15 to all Qrun subscribers on an initial consultation – just mention this […]

Are you keen to sign up for Stadium Stomp GABBA (Sunday 30th July 2017) and need accomodation? Quest Woolloongabba – which is a stones throw to the GABBA has a 15% discount on all rooms for a limited time only so bag your special today! Check out this link here to register and get your cheap accommodation! […]

Shoe review by Michelle Martinez; accomplished runner, coach/ director at Trail Blazers run coaching in Brisbane. When I was given the opportunity to take the Peregrine7s for a ‘test drive’, I couldn’t refuse the offer. Particularly, as I was a fan of Saucony road running shoes (hurricanes) over the many, many years when I consistently […]