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Do you use Strava and want to help change lives through your running? Join the Love Mercy Foundation Million Kilometre campaign today! What is it? We have an explanation below (via R4YL): Be an amazing end to your 2017 if you signed up to do this. Running 1,000,000km in 7.5 months….can it be done? Love Mercy Foundation... Read More

This awesome recipe is from iPerformance Nutrition – check ’em out! NUTRITION HIGHLIGHTS: High protein meal for recovery (25.8g protein) Excellent source of anti-inflammatory fats for brain + musculoskeletal health Over half your daily fibre needs in this bowl 🙂 RECIPE SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS: 2 small sweet potatoes (about 400g) 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 3... Read More

As part of our number 1 strategy to continue building our ‘running’ program across the group, SRG is proud to launch an additional weekly run session for youths. The ‘SRG Youths Run Squad’ program in addition to our popular Tuesday SRG Kids session and is designed largely for Grade 4-12 runners who are focused on... Read More

We joined Pat Nispel and South Bank Triathlon Club as well as newly affiliated Qrun group – Fortius Running Club for a session in the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane last week. After meeting at Cowch in Southbank, Pat introduced the group to us (I was there from Qrun (Benita Willis)), a bit of my running career... Read More