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  Are you interested in starting trail running in a fun and supportive environment? If so, the Bunyaville Trail Runners could be the perfect group for you. Throughout the week, runners of all abilities meet at Bunyaville Conservation Park (located between Albany Creek and Everton Hills) for a run or interval session. Runners are guided... Read More

“Control your environment” is a concept I commonly use with clients to help them address perceived hurdles to healthy eating which consequently impairs progression towards their goals.   What do I mean by “Control your environment”?   This basically refers to planning ahead and foreseeing any time or physical constraints that may influence your availability... Read More

A frequently asked question that I get from aspiring marathon runners is: “Do I need to run the marathon distance in training before attempting to complete my first marathon?” The simple answer is no. There is no need to run the 42.195 kilometres in training before you complete your debut marathon. Certainly the longer the... Read More