Running Hub

If your answer is yes – we have just the group for you: Be A Runner! One of our newest Qrun groups on the Gold Coast. This fantastic group boasting head coach Blayne Arnold, is growing every day and caters to runners of all ages and abilities. Blayne is a highly respected running coach and... Read More

WARNING…Coconut oil AND Brown Rice Syrup FREE… Ditch the highly processed protein bars and bliss balls and tuck into this wholefood raw caramel slice. It’s a winner for the Paleo AND Vegan athletes too! Ingredients (makes 20) 180g roasted unsalted cashews 180g natural pecans 100g Amazonia Raw Salted Caramel Coconut Paleo Fermented Protein 65g organic... Read More

By POGO Physio The Alter-G Treadmill is a revolutionary device enabling reducing loading during walking and running. The treadmill uses differential air pressure to reduce percentage of body weight, enabling walking or running at anywhere from 20% to 100% bodyweight. This can be used for numerous conditions to help ensure safe, yet quick return from injury... Read More

Dive into a new cross-training routine by adding swimming to your workout docket. You may prefer to keep your feet on dry land, but for the sake of thwarting injuries and maintaining fitness, you won’t get a better return on your investment than from swimming. Serving as an ideal form of active recovery for runners,... Read More